The 6 hair irons dotted by Profeco |Radio Formula

2023-03-05 08:54:38 By : Ms. YH Chen

Healthy hair is not achieved by simply washing it or using products to rejuvenate it, but each product helps to strengthen it more, and among them are hair straighteners.

Some people are afraid to use them because they think they will mistreat the scalp or burn them, but the secret is to choose a good quality model and use it with caution, according to what the instructions say. Travel Size Hair Dryer

The 6 hair irons dotted by Profeco |Radio Formula

A study carried out in 2021 by the Federal Consumer Attorney's Office (Profeco) analyzed 14 irons, from seven brands, in order to find which are the best on the market.

They were tested for electrical safety, thermal stability, average maximum plate temperature, plate temperature uniformity, plate heating and cooling speed, and energy efficiency.

According to Profeco, this is the result of the six best plates:

This iron got an excellent rating and is one of the best sellers on Amazon Mexico, but something that stood out was its straightening quality, as it provides it evenly and in less time than the others, in addition, its temperature has five settings.

As for temperature, its proportion is stable, which allows for a more uniform straightening that was also rated as one of the best.

The other four irons have rounded edges on their plates so that the curl is not mistreated and the straightening is more homogeneous, of which they obtained a good rating from Profeco.

The 6 hair irons dotted by Profeco |Radio Formula

Iron Straighten Profeco pointed out that in order to have a good experience in the use of hair straighteners, it recommended comparing different models, reviewing energy expenditure, letting them cool before storing, buying in established stores that have guarantee seals.